Help Keep Our Costs Low & Earn Referrals

Partner Business

Good for Everyone

We give away lots of supplies and need help keeping our costs low.

We give full credit to partner businesses as well as recommendations for additional purchases.

We are looking for businesses that can assist us in obtaining reduced and/or favorable prices; some suggestions include:


— 1st Aid Training

  • Basic 1st Aid Supplies (Gauze, Bandages, etc.)
  • CAT or other Stop the Bleed/TCCC/C-TECC Approved Tourniquets
  • Bleeding Control Kits/IFAKs for Students
  • CPR/AED Training Supplies
  • And more…

— Firearm Training

  • Gift Cards to Your Store/Company
  • Free or Reduced Range Fees
  • Firing Targets
  • Firearm Cases/Storage
  • And more…

Our Premium Supporters

These businesses directly support our mission by providing discounts and other arrangements that allow us to better serve our students.

— North American Rescue (NAR)

  • NAR is the maker of the famous CAT Tourniquet (Combat Application Tourniquet)

— Amrika Armory

  • Great quality guns, ammo, and safety gear. Get shooting!
  • Solid products, information, and resources that everyone can understand
  • Everyone means including women, minority groups, and the LGBTQ+ community.

(Disclaimer: FUN/RA Training earns a commission when you purchase items through the above Amrika Armory link. Any and all such commissions go towards our organization’s mission.)


— Off Color Decals (OCD)

  • Merch and Firearms Accessories for the Left
  • Stickers, patches, various merch
  • If you’ve gotten a Progressive Flag sticker at an event or one of our training classes, now you know where we got ’em!

— Praxis Arms

  • Online Retail Sales of Firearms and Shooting Accessories
  • Leftist/Queer/POC Owned and Operated
  • Firepower to the People!
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