Should You Use Your Firearm?

Firearm Safety & Legal Considerations

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Certification & Training Courses

Benefits of taking one of these courses:

  • Learn basic firearm safety for yourself and to educate others
  • Know how to make a firearm safe if it becomes necessary: found at school, concern over another’s mental health, or even an active shooter event
  • Ensure you are compliant with the law and understand any restrictions
  • Improve your firearm knowledge & gain new skills

Firearms Training is only offered in conjunction with
a 1st Aid or Emergency/Trauma Aid Course.

All firearms classes will incorporate a Stop the Bleed or similar class. Check the Trauma Aid section for class descriptions and times.

  • Basics of firearms safety
  • Making a firearm safe / unloading
  • Safe storage of firearms
  • Self defense concepts
  • Violent encounters and their aftermaths
  • Developing a personal and home protection plan
  • 4-6 hours, course length depends on number of participants

You will earn a Stop the Bleed Training Certificate.
The firearms safety portion is educational only.

  • Basics of firearms safety
  • Basic handgun operation and safety
  • Making a firearm safe / unloading
  • Safe storage of firearms
  • The legal use of force
  • Self defense concepts
  • Developing a personal and home protection plan
  • Violent encounters and their aftermaths
  • Overview of VA & MD firearm laws*
  • Conflict de-escalation and resolution
  • Dealing with anger management issues
  • Suicide prevention
  • 16 hours classroom plus range, initial course length is two 8 hour days of classroom time plus a mandatory range/live fire trip.*

You will earn a Stop the Bleed Training Certificate.
The Firearms Safety Course classroom time by itself is educational only.*

*You will not earn a Firearms Safety Certificate until after you schedule a follow-on range live-fire exercise & qualification, which is conducted in a separate 1:1 session.

We offer certification and training courses from the following organizations:

  • United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)
  • Stop the Bleed Program & Stop the Bleed Coalition (StB)
  • The Liberal Gun Club (Coming Soon)
  • We do not offer any NRA courses

Certification Course vs Training Course?

Certification Course: A course that leads to a specific certification.
Training Course: A course that does not lead to a specific certification.

Certain 3rd party organizations charge ‘per student’ fees for processing and issuing a certification while others do not. Due to this, Training Courses will generally be less expensive than Certification Courses as they do not have such expenses.
We can provide certification and/or training courses in each topic/area.
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